Eyes, video player, by Kolor

Kolor Eyes, developed by Kolor, is a HTML5 360° video player web application. It is now possible to immerge yourself into the scene during viewing…

Smart & simple

Kolor Eyes, video player, breaks the lack of integration with web page content offering new possibilities. Player’s code runs directly into the browser and can access all enabled API. This allows web page developers to create better interaction between the player and online resources. Video decoding and visual rendering are natively played by the browser without any additional plug-in.

Recent web technologies


Video content is broadcasted through a <video> tag which is part of HTML5 specification. Data decoding is done by the browser, without any need for some additional plug-in.


View frame is inside a <canvas> element with a 3D WebGL context. This brand new technology is specified by Khronos Group. It’s a set of graphical 3D features made available directly in the web page by the browser and taking advantage of the capacities of the graphical card.

Innovative user experience

Video footage is in 360x180° spherical format. User can turn in any direction and zoom in order to position where he aims anytime. It’s now up to you to decide where to look at in the video! Kolor eyes, has a complete set of common features: playback and audio settings control, preloading, resizable view.


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