Industrial projects of image stitching

The expertise developed by Kolor in the creation of its image stitching and virtual tour software is also used for developing dedicated solutions. Our image-stitching expertise is frequently solicited in various areas of application, ranging from architectural projects to cartography to real-estate projects. We provide our services throughout the entire picture production process – from the photo shots through to post-stitching panorama operations.

The photo below shows a partial view of a 5 km-long panorama of a tunnel development project on which we have collaborated, from the study stage, to photo shot protocol, through to stitching and finalization.

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Photo fisheye d'un tunnel bord gauche Photo fisheye d'un tunnel bord droit Panorama d'un tunnel développé le long de l'axe du tunnel 

Panorama d'un tunnel avec apposition des mesures géométriques