Autopano 3.5: A stitching quality never reached before

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Version 3.5 significantly enhances detection of control points to give better results automatically. This new version of Autopano also integrates impressive new features that will definitely make you adopt Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga:

  • New detection and validation engine. Not only the control points detection engine has been improved but it has also been automated. It means you don't have to care about the detection settings anymore and the result is better than ever before.

  • New optimizer engine. The engine now selects far more control points in overlapping zones than in version 3.0. It also handles way better parallax errors and gives pixel-accurate stitching in most cases - in particular with lines (roofs, electrical lines).

  • Papywizard/VRDrive2 new import engine. The optimizer includes a new algorithm which gives a better grid and avoids orphan pictures while trying to respect the XML values: creating gigapixel panoramas with robotized head is easier!

Automated detection and validation engineAutomated detection and validation engine

The detection of control points has been improved and automated. It means you don't have to think about the detection settings anymore, Autopano does it for you! For instance, the quality of detection: on version 3.0, the quality of detection was a user decision but now it is automatic and it gives way better results in most cases.
Obviously, you can still modify these settings if you wish. Version 3.5 also improves the stitching of pictures taken with multiple focal lengths. Furthermore, the new algorithm produces better control points in overlapping zones, especially when stitching fisheye images with standard images or when images don't have EXIF data.

New optimizer engine: more and better
control points to give better stitch

New import engine for Papywizard and VRDrive2: creating gigapixel panoramas is now easier

The new optimizer engine selects more and better control points in overlapping zones than in version 3.0. Several topics have been studied to get these results: the optimizer convergence, the lens distortion estimation, the focal estimation, the sensor and lens alignment, the viewpoint correction etc.
The result: faster and better results even in the hardest conditions such as low-details images or fisheye images stitched together.
Additionally, the engine now includes an improved viewpoint correction feature that allows you to patch quickly the nadir using and gives better result for pictures shot with slightly different nodal point.

The new engine better supports motorized heads and gives a perfect grid while trying to respect the XML values. It means the new system better deals with orphan images, most of the time it succeeds in integrating them into the grid perfectly.
This new version also better copes with gigapixel panoramas: it avoids the creation of "false links" between images that can be caused by dust on the lens which would appear on several pictures. These elements were previously identified as control points but not anymore thanks to this new engine.

Other great enhancements have also been made:

  • A new projection mode has been added: the fisheye projection mode which is an immersive fisheye projection on which you can adjust the field of view.

  • 1000mm focal length tip: Autopano 3.5 automatically detects when you have several scans that you need to stitch together and applies the right settings to give you a perfect result.

  • New ISO cutting mode: this mode does not analyze content anymore such as the anti-ghost algorithm (now called smart mode) does. The cutting zone is fully determined by 2 aspects: it tries to keep pixels which are close to centre of images. It tries to keep pixels around green pins and remove pixels around red pins. If you compare that mode with a real masking solution, it is really the same but automatic according to pins. If you have banding issue in the sky with the smart mode, try this one, it will be better while keeping a sharp output.

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