Features of Autopano Giga


Little-Planet or Spherical? Choose between 9 projections the one that best suits your image in Autopano 3.0Little-Planet or Spherical? Choose between 10 projections the one that best suits your image

Autopano Giga offers new projections for your panoramas, including Little-Planet, Panini, Hammer, Mirror Ball, Orthographic and more. Choose the projection in a single clic, adjust your image with the Panorama Move option and have a real-time preview of the final result. If you want to make a 360° panorama, you can choose the cylindrical or spherical projection. If you have a panorama that includes architectural monuments, you might prefer to retain the rectilinear projection, which will preserve their straight lines. You can also create original panoramas with projections like Little-Planet or Mirror Ball. Not sure of what projection to choose? Autopano Giga can automatically select the most suitable projection for your panorama.

Support of Adobe® Lens Profile calibration parameters in Autopano GigaSupport of Adobe® Lens Profile calibration parameters

Autopano Giga supports Adobe ® Lens Profile calibration profiles. This allows you to automatically correct distortions, chromatic aberrations and vignetting, depending on your lens model. You can download the calibration profile for your lens with Adobe® Lens Profile downloader, or create your own calibration profile in Adobe® Lens Profile Creator and then import it into Autopano Giga.

Easy straightening of panoramas in Autopano GigaEasy straightening of panoramas

Autopano Giga integrates several tools to help you adjust the alignment of your panorama. The most talked about tool is probably the vertical lines tool: draw a line on what should be vertical (monument, tree, pillar...) and realignment is automatic. You can also manipulate the panorama with your mouse to visually adjust the horizon or effect a rotation.

Automatic crop of panoramas in Autopano GigaAutomatic crop

Autopano Giga can crop your panoramas automatically, preserving the maximum image surface. You can also manually reframe your panoramas, whether free hand or by applying a ratio (e.g. 3:1). A button also allows you to retain the entire sphere (360° x 180°).

Auto horizon

No more bent or leaning panoramas. Autopano Giga automatically presents you with a horizontally adjusted panorama. You can also adjust it manually as you see fit.

Digital transformation

To adjust the geometry as accurately as possible, use the pitch, yaw and roll tools to shift the view, or rotate to a thousandth of a degree.

Real time modifications

All geometric tools take advantage of the real-time panorama editor. You can see immediately the result of your modifications. Editing a panorama becomes a real pleasure.

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