Frequently asked questions

Information about Autopano Giga

What are the differences between Autopano Giga and Autopano Pro?

What is the required computer configuration to run Autopano Giga?

What graphical formats are supported in input?

What graphical formats are supported in output of Autopano Giga?

Can I create a virtual tour with Autopano Giga?

64-bit support

What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems?

What do I need to do to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system?

Trial information

How do I get a trial version?

Is the trial version limited in time or features?

Are there resources available to help me evaluate the trial software?

How do I convert my trial to a purchased version of the product?

Purchasing policy

How can I get a full license?

Do I receive a CD-ROM?

Can I install the application on several computers?

What if I change my computer or operating system?

Do you offer Education pricing?

Do you offer volume pricing?

Updates and upgrades

Are the bug fixes free?

What is the update / upgrade policy?

Do I get a special price if I want to upgrade from Autopano Pro to Autopano Giga?

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