Features of Autopano Giga


Preview mode: your rendering, before even rendering it, in Autopano 3.0Preview mode: your rendering, before even rendering it New

You enjoy the many settings and adjustments you can make in Autopano's panorama editor. As you are meticulous, you like to render your panorama after each operation just to check if everything is right. The new Preview mode is made for you: activate it and get an exact preview of your final rendered panorama, either entirely or for a smaller zone. All algorithms are applied, including the exposure fusion, the automatic anti-ghost and the new, incredible Mask tool.

Stitching presets in Autopano GigaStitching presets

The final assembly of your panorama implements various settings and algorithms according to the type of your panorama and the desired color correction. To make the choice easier, Autopano Giga offers pre-configured stitching profiles. For example, simply select "Anti-ghost" so that all settings adapt to a panorama in which objects have moved. Of course, you can also make all the settings manually, as with all Autopano Giga automation.

Export to multi-layer PSD from Autopano GigaExport to multi-layer PSD

Autopano Giga can of course generate your panoramas in JPG or PNG, for example, but can also export to PSD, PSB or TIFF files, including layers. This creates a document containing both the stitched panorama and the individual images, so you can make any edits you want in Photoshop®.

Batch rendering manager of Autopano GigaBatch rendering manager

To save you time, Autopano Giga incorporates a batch-rendering manager. You can prepare several panoramas, place them in the queue and then run all renders. You can then go away and come back later to find all the panoramas generated.

Multiple export formats

Autopano Giga allows you to generate your panoramas in JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD / PSB, HDR, EXR and KRO, in 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 bit, depending on the format.

Group export

If you have sorted the images that make up your panorama according to a particular criterion (e.g. opening, bracket...), you can choose to generate one file per group.

Naming schemes

To ease the task of naming a large number of panoramas, you can choose your own naming scheme that will apply to all panoramas generated by choosing your own criteria (number of images assembled, name of the first image, incremental number...).

Geometry Extra  

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