Gigapixel projects

Most of the latest world records of the largest image used the image-stitching technologies developed by Kolor.

Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga are the only software applications able to automatically stitch thousands of images while effectively correcting the differences in color, brightness and even moving objects.

Kolor developed an extensive solution for the creation of gigapixel panoramas. Spotting, shooting, retouches, stitching of the images, creation of the interactions, web publishing... Kolor can handle a gigapixel project from A to Z.

The applications of gigapixel imagery are numerous: tourism, promotion of places, cartography, games and contests... Differentiate the way you communicate and give a strong impact to your projects. Please contact us to evaluate the feasibility of your project.

Here are some examples of gigapixel images created using Autopano software:

Paris 26 GigapixelsParis 26 Gigapixels

Paris 26 Gigapixels is one of the world's largest images, created by Kolor and photographers Arnaud Frich and Martin Loyer. This stitching of 2346 photos was awarded the SFR Photo Innovation Prize at the international photo meeting of Arles and is sponsored by Intel. This image has already been viewed by more than 6 million people via the website Paris 26 Gigapixels.

Yosemite 17 GigapixelsYosemite 17 Gigapixels

Yosemite 17 Gigapixels is an image created by Gerard Maynard in the framework of a huge project of shooting and modeling the Yosemite Park in the USA, in which several dozen photographers are taking part. Look at the image of 17 gigapixels and the 4 other panoramic images on the website Yosemite 17 Gigapixels.

Harlem 13 GigapixelsHarlem 13 Gigapixels

Harlem 13 Gigapixels is the first world record of the biggest panoramic image made by photographer Gerard Maynard and Kolor company, in August 2006. The image is a stitching of more than 2000 photos: Harlem 13 Gigapixels.