Lecteur de vidéos 360° : GoPro VR Player 2.2 bêta 1

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GoPro VR Player 2.2 disponible en bêta

Nous avons sorti hier la première version bêta de GoPro VR Player 2.2.
Cette mise à jour amène de nouvelles fonctionnalités et corrige quelques bugs.

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?

  • Il est désormais possible de lire les fichiers en format YUV.
  • Il est désormais possible de choisir le « yaw/pitch/roll » et le champ de vision directement dans la fenêtre d’aide (raccourci : touche « H »).
  • Voir le changelog pour plus de détails.
Changelog for GoPro VR Player 2.2 bêta 1

Main changes

Better performances on Intel GPU for Windows

Video decoding performances has been improved on Intel GPU for Windows when using VLC backend. The optimization is automatically activated when player is running on Intel GPU.

Video metadata and automatic choices

Some metadata are readed from video. Here are the fields readed by the player :

  • Stereoscopy
  • Input Projection
  • Writting Tool
  • Initial yaw, pitch, roll
  • Frame size
  • Video framerate
  • Values of theses fields are displayed in the software log only if the player finds them.

    In settings, you can set "Auto" mode for input projection and input stereoscopy to automatically apply values finded in metadata.


  • A new setting allows to disable our shader color conversion when using VLC backend. It can be useful if you encounter color issues when playing video but be aware that it will be less efficient in terms of performances. See in Settings > Video decoding.
  • You will find a new category "Audio" in Settings. For now it only contains a setting to set an audio delay (for VLC backend only).
  • Player can read YUV format. To allow this you will have to run the player in "VLC custom" mode and set the parameters. See documentation for more details.
  • With VLC backend, player applies a better color conversion if the video has been encoded by Autopano Video
  • You can set yaw, pitch, roll and fov values directly in help box (keyboard shorcut "H").
  • Fixes since 2.1.2 :

    • [GPVP-85] - First screen text is very small on high DPI
    • [GPVP-136] - Fix graphics bug with png files containing alpha
    • [GPVP-105] - Don't show main view when loading next video
    • [GPVP-122] - Font is not correct in settings
    • [GPVP-78] - Hide keyboard shortcuts on Help screen
    • [GPVP-116] - VLC : issue with color conversion
    • [GPVP-194] - App freeze at video end with backend AVF and DirectShow
    • [GPVP-96] - Update OpenVR SDK to 1.0.5
    • [GPVP-77] - Uncompressed files support - YUV-420/422 8 and 10 bit
    • [GPVP-31] - Improve metadata reading on video
    • [GPVP-118] - Add auto input type in settings
    • [GPVP-119] - Add auto input stereo type in settings
    • [GPVP-79] - Navigate to a viewport (in terms of Yaw, Pitch and FOV)
    • [GPVP-109] - Set audio delay in VLC backend
    • [GPVP-134] - Add more metadata to software log
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