Logiciel de création de visites virtuelles : Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.2 RC1

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Kolor vient juste de lancer une nouvelle version release candidate pour les logiciels de création de visites virtuelles Panotour et Panotour Pro. Cette version 2.2 RC1 corrige certains bugs, consultez le journal des modifications ci-dessous pour en savoir plus. Elle est gratuite pour tous les utilisateurs de Panotour 2.x.



Le journal des modifications : Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.2 RC1 (en Anglais)

Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.2 RC1

Main changes

Export the tour as a single file

Kolor releases a new, free viewer that allows you to display virtual tours offline: Panotour Viewer.

Panotour now allows you to export your tours in a single file with PTV format.

This file can be opened by Panotour Viewer on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

You can share your tours more easily than before or show your tours on your tablets with no need of internet connection.

Parallax Spots

Picture and video spots can be created with a parallax effect that will give depth to your tours.

Look at this tour to see what you can do.

Galleries: add multiple files at once

Galleries plugin can now be filled easily by selecting multiple files at once.

Sounds: better sound management

Sound management has been enhanced to be able to have different sound sources in a tour : videos, sound spots, background sounds, etc….

A new action is added, to be able to play a standard sound on a spot, and not a 3D sound like in the already existing action.

Plugins and HTML template development

Plugins developers can now use libraries shared between all their plugins.

HTML template developpers can include some ressources in their templates. They will be automatically copied in the generated tour.


Due to some enhancements on video management, we are not able to release a 2.2 RC 1 version for Linux Users.

Linux version will be available soon.

Fixes since 2.0.1

- 0003619: [Crash Dump] Crash : while deleting a group

- 0003442: [Crash dump] Crash when the file manager is opened during the build

- 0003675: [Crash Dump] Panotour Standard : Crash : while building a tour conatining a colorized spot

- 0003467: [Feature] Add possibility to bypass introduction when using deep linking

- 0003011: [Feature] Add option to stop sounds when clicking on a rect video spot to start the video

- 0003602: [Algorithm] Automatic spot on maps : do not keep their style when saved

- 0003610: [Algorithm] Unable to create a HTML template with resources

- 0003583: [Algorithm] Changing file name doesn’t generate tiles for each sphere

- 0003577: [Algorithm] Third-party users plugins are unable to use third party libraries

- 0003621: [UI] Unable to reset GPS coordinates

- 0003593: [UI] 3D Preview : when changing yaw pitch or roll on a panorama, the value are not resetted when selectiong another panorama

- 0003517: [UI] Add playsound standard action to play non directionnal sounds

- 0002938: [Plugin] FloorPlan : bad display of the first radar fov

- 0003469: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : seems to open after some delay

- 0003440: [Plugin] Thumbnails bar displaying current group thumbnails : thumbnails bar increase its size when changing group

- 0003582: [Plugin] Panorama Combobox (Flash) empty drop down list

- 0003609: [Plugin] Description plugin : scrolls are not resetted to top when the content changes

- 0003608: [Plugin] Panorama Stack : Does not close when a new panorama is loaded

- 0003514: [Plugin] Gallery : add an option to remove the Previous/Next buttons over the picture

- 0003578: [Plugin] Correct bad view.fov into view.hfov for radars on PanotourMaps and FloorPlan plugins

- 0002687: [Tour] Add options to pause background sound when video is playing

- 0002785: [Tour] Enhancement on background and others sounds when video or sound is playing

- 0003006: [Tour] Projections selector check : need to know if partial, cropped or no 2:1 ratio

- 0003173: [Tour] Sound enhancements : play/stop => resume/pause ; stop sound when leaving pano ; allow non directionnal sound ; better management

- 0003212: [Tour] Add a tip for sound spots into HTML5 player : can be played if range is set to 360°

- 0003330: [Tour] Minus key (zoom -) doesn’t work on Firefox (27+)

- 0003331: [Tour] Change HTML template to use

- 0003369: [Tour] Little planet intro : normal view is displayed before a refresh to little planet

- 0003518: [Tour] Tip : Ability to set a directionnal sound spot to 360° to be played into the HTML5 player

- 0003573: [Tour] Groups thumbnails disappear after a build

- 0003579: [Tour] Add parallax effect on picture spots and video spots

- 0003615: [Tour] Add Maximize effect on pictures when displayed with « Display an image » action

Fixes since 2.2.0 Beta1

- 0003635: [Crash Dump] Crash when setting a custom thumbnail on a group

- 0003665: [Crash Dump] Crash when opening a project in which a spot style calls « display an image » or « display a video » action

- 0003639: [Crash Dump] Crash when updating the recent files

- 0003661: [Crash Dump] LivePano : Crash when importing a livepano on a panorama that is not fully loaded

- 0003638: [Algorithm] Unable to register Branding Free license

- 0003674: [Algorithm] LivePano : bit-rate of encoded video is too low

- 0003627: [Algorithm] Unable to set an action on spot styles stored in Spot Library

- 0003644: [Algorithm] Crash when building a project containing an action that have new parameters in 2.2

- 0003616: [UI] Panorama endless sound bug on UI refresh

- 0003667: [UI] Desktop and Mobile options can be unchecked at same time

- 0002125: [UI] Can’t open kpt with right click on MAC

- 0003633: [Tour] Custom tooltips are not placed at the same position as standard tooltips

- 0003629: [Tour] HTML5 tooltips do not adapt their width

- 0003670: [Tour] Enable/disable gyroscope actions can do the opposite of their definition

- 0002973: [Tour] FLV videos : apply a patch to remove call to FLV video and videoplayer.swf if HTML5 player is activated

- 0003648: [Tour] Tooltips : alpha value is not taken into account for background and border colors

- 0003671: [Plugin] Floorplan : radar does not disappear if a panorama which is not on the floorplan is loaded

- 0003673: [Plugin] StackThumbs : correct unstack at startup option under flash player

- 0003634: [Plugin] Thumbnails Bar does not work when displaying the current group thumbnails

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    Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Firefox. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Kudos

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