Logiciel de visites virtuelles : Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.1.1

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Virtual tour software

Kolor propose aujourd’hui une mise à jour de son logiciel de visites virtuelles Panotour / Panotour Pro. Cette version 2.1.1 apporte des corrections de bugs et ajoute le support du plugin Digisfera PanoTag dans Panotour Pro.

Le journal des modifications ci-dessous contient la liste de toutes les modifications apportées par cette mise à jour.

Cette mise à jour est gratuite pour tous les utilisateurs de Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.x.


Télécharger Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.1.1



Le journal des modifications (en anglais) : Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.1.1

Main changes

- LivePano wizard correctly handles Autopano 3.5 project files.

In some cases, they were not handled correcly and the generated video contained some black areas on borders.

- The nadir can be patched on panoramas created from cube faces import.

- All needed libraries are installed on Linux when installing Panotour.

- Cube faces for mobiles are generated, and are used on Android browsers that do not handle multiresolution.

Plugins development changes

- Resources of a plugin can be written with same substructure in the generated tour as in the plugin directory.

This small feature, needed only by plugins developpers, was mandatory for the Panotag plugin that will be available soon.

Fixes since 2.1

- 0003479: [Installer] Linux installer : lack of intel libraries

- 0003527: [Algorithm] Unable to patch the nadir of a cube faces panorama

- 0003448: [Algorithm] Color Chooser : color is not taken into account when the HTML value is copied

- 0003492: [Algorithm] All spots targets loosed after a spot style modification

- 0003490: [Algorithm] Fov changed panorama do not generate same XML description when the project is reloaded

- 0003496: [Algorithm] LivePano : black lines are added around the cropped area in the video

- 0003475: [Tour] Splashscreen : Invisible if it does not close automatically

- 0003520: [Tour] Old Android versions do not manage multires tiles

- 0003494: [Tour] Local sounds played with playsound action are not stopped when loading a new panorama

- 0003511: [Plugin] Toggle Button : does not work with HTML5 viewer : XML parsing failed

- 0003513: [Plugin] Logo : remove double tooltip field

- 0003488: [Plugin] Gallery : when autosize is off, controls are not displayed

- 0003477: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : does not react to the screen size changes with titles only option

- 0003478: [UI] MacOS : Tooltip Style comboboxes are unusable

- 0003476: [UI] Target View of hotspots are always « Custom view »

- 0003521: [UI] Web links are not clickable in plugin descriptions

- 0003487: [Plugins development] Plugins resources : keep original substructure in generated plugin directory : (PanoTag request)

- 0003512: [Plugins development] Plugins : the categoryIcon set in plug_info.xml is not displayed on MacOS

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