Logiciel d'assemblage vidéo 360° : Autopano Video Pro 1.5 beta 3

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Notre équipe est heureuse de rendre disponible le 3e bêta publique des logiciels d’assemblage de vidéos 360° Autopano Video et Autopano Video Pro 1.5, avec des améliorations dans les paramètres de rendu et des corrections de bugs. Merci de lire le journal des modifications ci-dessous (en anglais).



Vous devez utiliser la bêta d’Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 3.5 avec cette version d’Autopano Video.

Aperçu vidéo

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Commentaires et journal des modifications (en anglais)

Main changes and comments by Alexandre Jenny, CEO and founder of Kolor

This is the beta 3 of Autopano Video 1.5, with several improvements.

Rendering UI

Many people were wondering how the rendering settings worked. It was not really simple as it was split in 2 windows with different settings influencing the real output. So we decided to change everything for a more easy to use UI while dropping one feature. The new UI has the following spirit:

  • The size information is at the top. I’ll make a warning here, as the size can represent several aspects and this is the main reason why people didn’t always understand the rendering settings. The size can be the maximum possible size with the source videos: we call it the maximum panorama size. It can be also the maximum size allowed by the selected output, for example, if you encode in MP4 with HD preset, you cannot render anything over 1920×1080, because in this norm, the size is this one, and nothing else. If you are used to Adobe Premiere or other video tools, you should be used to that. Depending on the encoding choice, it reduces the allowed size. We don’t do that differently, but now, you have a visual feedback.
  • Below the size, you have the rendering algorithms. This hasn’t changed.
  • After that, you have a new unified user interface for the output. First, select the type of output and then its options. I think it is more straightforward to understand now. As we did this way, there is no more option to render at the same time the frames and the MP4 file, which was possible before. You can still do that by doing twice the rendering and batching everything.

Also, we found out that the MP4 presets were not really understandable by our users, so the naming has changed as well. Now, you have:

  • "H.264 Auto (HD or 4K)" – This default value will select the best MP4 according to the source you have. It can end up with a 4K mp4 if the input allows it or by a HD version if the input is too low quality for a 4K version.
  • "H.264 HD" – This is the standard mp4 specification for FullHD ( 1920×1080 ). It is a mp4 level 4.2 so you can render over 30 fps.
  • "H.264 4K" – Our preset for panoramic 4K rendering, size 4096×2048. Encoded into a mp4 level 5.1.
  • "H.264 4K Cinema" – The 4K cinema has a rendering size 4096×2160, which is the cinema 4K. Also encoded in a mp4 level 5.1.
  • "H.264 4K UHDTV" – The UHD 4K which is the size 3940×2160. Encoded into a mp4 level 5.1.
  • "H.264 Blu-ray" – This is a variant of the HD preset with a better bitrate. It will restrict the fps to 30 fps to ntsc and 25 fps in pal (anything else should be banned if you want that video to be playable on a bluray).

In the output options, you have a new option which is an uncompressed AVI output. We found out that doing this way is really faster in rendering than doing frame rendering and allows you to have a nice workflow afterward. Besides the huge amount of data it creates, this mode is really nice compared to frame output.

Fixes and improvements

Among the fixes we did, the most noticeable are:

  • The timeline becomes usable even if the input video sources are not decoded by the system. Now, you must be able to stitch and work with the timeline even if video preview remains black.
  • A better GPU code on Mac. It should not crash anymore on this platform. If it still happens, then switch in the general setting to synchrone mode and not asynchrone. It is a bit slower, but super stable.
  • The timeline has a quite final design. We moved the Cut and Open tools a little to the left to prevent the use of too much space over the title zone. We still need to have the final icons integrated and it should be done.


The global stability is satisfying, so the next version should be the release candidate.

Note: we already have a new version of the stabilization algorithm ready. It will appear really soon after the 1.5 final. Be ready for an automatic horizon tracking solution. It is awesome.

Fixes since 1.5.0 beta2:

- 0003335: [I/O] Useable timeline without preview source videos
- 0003307: [Crash Dump] crash in mainconcept decoder
- 0003264: [I/O] Raw codec output
- 0003247: [I/O] wrong pixels on GPU rendering

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