Logiciel de visites virtuelles : Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 bêta 4 est disponible

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L’équipe de Kolor vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle bêta publique du logiciel de visites virtuelles Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0. Vous pouvez télécharger la version 2 directement depuis notre centre de téléchargement. Ce logiciel de visites virtuelles est compatible Windows, Mac et Linux.


Découvrir Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 Télécharger la bêta 4

Important note

This new beta version fixes the main issues that happened in the third beta version such as: crashes on group and panorama management, bad gallery images management. However, note that a crash can occur when removing the floorplan of the project, by « shift-clicking » the image button in the floorplan form of the project parameter. It happens if the hotspot editor contains the floorplan that you want to remove. So if you want to remove the floorplan in this new version, first click on a empty part of the panorama area, to be sure to unselect the floorplan and to remove it from the hotspot editor.

The change log of virtual tour software Panotour Pro 2.0 beta 3

- 0002591: [Algorithm] CRASH : When deleting a view containing other hotspot connected to the scenery
- 0002771: [Algorithm] Links are lost when a target panorama is moved into a group
- 0002772: [Algorithm] CRASH : when changing size of a group
- 0002164: [UI] Contextual menu on goog.editor greyed but operationnal
- 0002505: [UI] Descriptions : add target (_blank, _window, …) into the Edit Link window
- 0002594: [UI] Panoramas thumbs in Tour tab vanish
- 0002732: [UI] Spots display parameters can disappear
- 0002778: [UI] Progress bar during export cube face is always at 0%
- 0002773: [UI] Gallery : only one image is added
- 0002763: [Tour] Spots are not displayed when the tour starts with Little planet on a partial pano
- 0002780: [Tour] Picture and Video spots with a filename beginning with a number do not work
- 0002781: [Tour] License error on HTML5 player with domain limitation when the domain ends with a « / »
- 0002788: [Tour] Double quotes into hotspot style names lead to an XML parsing error
- 0002445: [Plugin] PDF box : scrollable on iPad
- 0001978: [Plugin] Title cannot be underlined
- 0002734: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : ability to add a background color for selected item and/or group
- 0002765: [Plugin] Fullscreen not compatible with HTML5 plugins
- 0002760: [Plugin] Add orientation change and document resize for mobile/tablet devices into html templates
- 0002759: [Plugin] Web Video Viewer : accept new KolorEyes hosting url

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