Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 bêta 2 [logiciel visites virtuelles]

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Mise à jour disponible : découvrez la bêta 2 de Panotour et Panotour Pro 2.0, le logiciel de création de visites virtuelles, dans une version plus stable.
Vous pouvez télécharger la version 2 directement depuis notre centre de téléchargement.


Découvrir Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 Télécharger la bêta


Logiciel de visite virtuelle Panotour et Panotour Pro 2 Beta 2


Quelles sont les nouveautés de Panotour Pro 2.0 ? (logiciel visites virtuelles)

  • Nouvelle interface, nouveau processus de travail
  • Description avancée du projet : Utilisation des données des panoramas et des groupes de panoramas – Utilisation des informations et des descriptions du projet
  • Gestion des groupes de panoramas : Plusieurs nouvelles options d’affichages – Gestion de l’interface de la visite – Gestion de projets importants/volumineux
    • Choix des thèmes graphiques et des pré-réglages
  • Choix dans les différents types d’interactivités
  • Choix des modules complémentaires (plugins)
  • Gestion du contenu : Galerie photo, page web, partage vers les réseaux sociaux, contenu vidéo, fichier PDF
  • Retour du support Google Maps
  • Compatibilités supplémentaires : HTML5, Desktop, Appareils mobiles

Support technique : Merci d’utiliser les forums dédiés : report de bugsaide

Le journal des modifications (en anglais)

Important Note

During the first run of Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.0 Beta 2, starting the application may take some time.
This extra time that will occur only during this first session is due to the removal of all temporary files that Panotour Pro did not erased in the previous beta version.
With this new version every temporary file used in a Panotour/Panotour Pro session are erased when closing Panotour.

New feature

The Panotour team is currently focused on bugs fixes, so no new feature should appear until the final release.
But we added a small one. In version 1.8, you were able to call external JavaScript functions on hotspots, but this was missing in version 2.0 beta 1.
Now the action chooser, on hotspot styles and on buttons plugins, contains a new advanced action: « Call a JavaScript function ».

Fixes since 2.0 Beta 1

- 0002545: [Feature] Actions : add javascript call as into PTP 1.8
- 0001437: [Algorithm] Cube faces generated for iPad tours are low quality and too sharp
- 0002026: [Algorithm] Bad id for controls added to existing project
- 0002341: [Algorithm] Kolor EXIF : no negative value for Vertical offset + horizon to 0 in autorotation
- 0002232: [Algorithm] Spot actions : Unchecked customized parameters are still kept instead of the one described in the style
- 0002535: [Algorithm] TEMP folder is not cleaned on close project/software on Windows
- 0002560: [Algorithm] Deleting a plugin does not update the spots that use its actions
- 0002589: [Algorithm] Bad vertical offset
- 0002586: [Algorithm] loading of 1.8 projects : spot tooltips should be loaded too
- 0002614: [Algorithm] Bad license contract in all installers
- 0002620: [Algorithm] Enhance default name of panorama when loading cube faces
- 0002662: [Algorithm] Floorplan image is not retrieved when the resources are moved
- 0002663: [Algorithm] A underscore is added to main floorplan image
- 0002664: [Algorithm] Floorplan : when the image is resetted the floorplan object is not deleted
- 0001024: [UI] Waiting Spinning Wheel displayed only once on 3D editor
- 0002101: [UI] Issue with pano preview refresh (toolbar)
- 0002595: [UI] UI : bad panorama preview display
- 0002579: [UI] Build without project file name doesn’t build but doesn’t inform the photographer
- 0002656: [UI] Minimum zoom erased when opening saved project
- 0002655: [UI] Set volume action is bugged
- 0002634: [UI] Add a message box asking for confirmation when deleting a spot style
- 0002485: [UI] After a build the 3D view in the load action of a Button plugin contains nothing
- 0002629: [UI] 3D view in action properties is too small
- 0002457: [UI] Partial panorama : field of view is redefined on each click (on horizontal or vertical)
- 0002596: [UI] Linux : centralView_bg.gif : Unsupported image format (the fix of this bug may also fix the crash during the start of Panotour/Panotour Pro on some Linux releases)
- 0002344: [UI] Add/remove actions : (+/-) give a crash
- 0002451: [UI] Alpha value are not saved with project
- 0002247: [UI] « Home » tab : display of HTML browser context menu !
- 0002529: [UI] « Home » tab : if a project file name contained two dots « . » , the name was cut to the first one
- 0002246: [UI] 3 Links are not working in the « Home » tab
- 0002309: [Plugin] PanotourMenu : add window constraints for sub-menu items
- 0002342: [Plugin] Display problem under phone Android devices with or without the desktop mode
- 0002357: [Plugin] Add plugins compatibility check between PTP versions
- 0002510: [Plugin] Add an option in the Social Share plugin to share a specific URL
- 0002514: [Plugin] Compass : change open/close/toggle action for map and floor plan
- 0002521: [Plugin] KolorBox : size of the title must fill the header size
- 0002523: [Plugin] Floor Plan : hotspots aligned on bottom are broken
- 0002524: [Plugin] KolorArea : add close icon and overlay for the area
- 0002538: [Plugin] FloorPlan : close on click
- 0002551: [Plugin] KolorBox : video not loaded from youtube and dailymotion short urls
- 0002554: [Plugin] VideoBox : add autoplay option
- 0002561: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : bad attribution of the area background color
- 0002580: [Plugin] Android view is tearing/glitches on mobile phone
- 0002585: [Plugin] Boxes : remove the loading picture when the item is loaded
- 0002607: [Plugin] Add « opened at start » for Description plugin
- 0002638: [Plugin] Open pdf action must use double quote to encasulate URL
- 0002640: [Plugin] dblclick plugin is blocked by adblock
- 0002641: [Plugin] Social Share : start opened method

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