Autopano Video 1.1 beta 3 [logiciel d'assemblage vidéo 360°]

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Une nouvelle version beta d’Autopano Video et Autopano Video Pro est disponible au téléchargement !

De nombreuses améliorations à découvrir dans cette version 1.1 Beta 3 (Plus d’informations dans la suite de l’article)


Télécharger Autopano Video et Autopano Video Pro 1.1 Beta 2


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Découvrez ci-dessous le journal des modifications de cette version (en anglais).

Main changes

With this third beta version, we are fixing some bugs and improving some features too.

Fixes and improvements

Among the corrections made in this version, you have:

  • NEW: Even if you are in a stable channel, you can now be warned of a new unstable software release.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The 4K output is now supported over 30fps. So you can render 4K video at 48fps which is quite nice, but be aware that some player cannot play such video back.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Speed improvements on nVidia GPU. Between 15% and 70% speed increase on such GPU have been observed.
  • FIX: In some cases, an edition in autopano pro/giga wasn’t reflected in Autopano video.
  • FIX: On some nVidia graphics card, there could be a mix of 2 issues like black image at startup, no image at all during rendering, or even partial green picture. This bug was only affecting nVidia GPU.

What’s next?

There are no more critical bugs opened for this 1.1 series, so we think we are quite close to the 1.1 release. We’ll wait for one or two weeks of feedback on this beta until we go final and meanwhile, we are working fully on the timeline for v1.2.

Fixes since 1.1.0 beta 2:

- 0002520: [MainConcept] check MC preset
- 0002491: [UI] Qt update
- 0002518: [Algorithms] Make texture download asynchronous
- 0002512: [UI] Modification of the global settings forces rendering settings to « Best of h.264″
- 0002503: [UI] preview update
- 0002483: [UI] Beta channel in update manager
- 0002480: [I/O] First JPG frame (4K) is always green
- 0002490: [Algorithms] Partial green frame appears on nVidia gpu

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