Kolor lance la version 1.0 (finale) du logiciel d'assemblage vidéo Autopano Video (logiciel vidéo 360)

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Kolor Autopano Video - logiciel d'assemblage vidéo 360 pour Windows, Mac, Linux

Kolor lance aujourd’hui la version finale des logiciels d’assemblage vidéo Autopano Video et Autopano Video Pro 1.0. Ces logiciels vous permettent d’assembler plusieurs flux vidéo et créer d’impressionnantes vidéos 360°. Compatible Windows et Mac (version Linux bientôt disponible).


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Le journal des modifications (comparé à la version 1.0 RC1) en anglais

Main changes

This is the final release which means that all major issues have been found. This version of Autopano Video can be used for production work in a confident way.

Fixes and Improvements

Since the first release candidate version, we made some corrections in the interface and fixed some reported bugs. Among them:

  • We fixed a black pixel issue on rendered frame when using GPU rendering.
  • An issue with video length calculation has been found after the use of synchronization.
  • Speed up in GPU rendering using multiband, especially on ATI graphics cards.

What’s next?

A lot of research & development have already been done to improve video stitching. In the next version ( v1.1 ), we’ll introduce the automatic synchronization of videos based on motion analysis. If you didn’t see this solution yet, just have a look at this blog post:

With that algorithm, synchronization of cameras would just require to shake the cameras once they are recording. The "Shake it baby style".

Our automatic anti-shake and horizon keeping algorithm is also working great and it might also be introduced in version 1.1. This technology has been presented during our presentation about 360-degree video solutions at the annual meeting of the IVRPA.

Changelog compared to RC1:

- 0002226: [UI] File format extension is not automatically added if missing

- 0002225: [I/O] Video output lenght doesn’t match the seek bar length after a synchro

- 0002208: [UI] add .kava drag and drop

- 0002202: [Algorithms] Instance is staying in memory

- 0002205: [Algorithms] memory leaks on GPU mp4+frames export

- 0002195: [UI] resync dialog not always visible

- 0002196: [UI] update current time on clic

- 0002197: [UI] increase resync max possibility

- 0002194: [Algorithms] Wrong image when rendering

- 0002192: [I/O] black pixels in GPU rendering

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