Mise à jour des logiciels d'assemblage d'images : Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga 3.0.2

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Télécharger Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga 3.0.2, logiciels de panoramas et d'assemblage d'imagesUne nouvelle version stable des logiciels d’assemblage de photos Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga est disponible !

> Télécharger Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga 3.0.2.

Cette mise à jour, gratuite pour les utilisateurs de la version 3, apporte des corrections de bugs. Le nouveau système de notification de bugs récemment introduit dans Autopano est très efficace et nous a permis d’identifier des bugs avec précision et de les corriger rapidement.

Journal des modifications (en anglais)

Main changes

Fixes in 3.0 stable channel

Since the stable release, we getting some new reports about some issue found in some cases. We continue to stabilize everything in these rare cases and we are pretty confident about having now a really stable version. Among the fixes, some of them needs some explaination:

  • It seems that the way we balanced the memory reserved between rendering and input image caching was not optimal in some configuration. We added more memory reserved for pictures displaying and reduced a little for rendering.
  • Local optimization was broken since early in beta stable. It didn’t create any problem as general optimization was still working, but we get it back. You should see nice speed up in optimization stage.
  • This version has also some updated translation and one new translation: Polish.

Crash reporter

Most recurring reports have been fixed. Some crashes are not easy to prevent and depend on the computer:

  • Try to update you graphics drivers. Many reports are still showing crashs in graphics drivers and not in autopano.
  • Always use the 64bit version of autopano ( when the OS allow it ) for using big pictures or for rendering large panoramas.

The troubleshooting page for autopano support has been updated with all the solutions found. Have a look there it you have still recurring crashes with the software :

We will continue to work on this stable channel. Nevertheless, the work on next engine has already been started. Autopano Engine v3.1 is all about color correction engine improvement.

Fixes since 3.0.1:

- 0001701: [Unclassified] Crash report UI, link to common page

- 0001707: [translation] Added Polish language

- 0001710: [Editor] Images disappear when control point is deleted

- 0001694: [Crash Dump] Crash when reporting GFL error

- 0001706: [Image I/O] Editor preview needs lot of pitcures reload

- 0001705: [Cortex ( rendu )] Antighost in HDR mode

- 0001700: [Editor] Folder detection find groups with only 1 picture

- 0001703: [Crash Dump] Crash during preview

- 0001699: [Image I/O] EXIF : Description field prevent simple Google+ upload

- 0001679: [Editor] meshing display is not correct

- 0001680: [Crash Dump] Null pointer in UIPanoEditor

- 0001678: [Crash Dump] QPixmap conversion

- 0001682: [Crash Dump] Null pointer in KImageVirtualLayer::Close

- 0001675: [Crash Dump] Crash during WHLinkEditor Paint event

- 0001695: [Crash Dump] Null KImage cause crash in control point editor

- 0001686: [Crash Dump] Crash when trying to report error to user

- 0001691: [Crash Dump] UI group contextual menu : many crash when group is empty

- 0001690: [Crash Dump] GroupsManager : m_pCurrentCommand bad threaded access

- 0001685: [Crash Dump] Uncaught exception in UIWPClauss::ParseConfigFile

- 0001380: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Optimization with orphan images

- 0001668: [Crash Dump] ImageDefCache2 crash in free

- 0001676: [Crash Dump] Crash in KCacheDiskManager::getUniqueFilename

- 0001674: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Local optimization does not work anymore

- 0001664: [Editor] Force every images in one panorama breaks the stitching

- 0001672: [Crash Dump] Uncaught exception during sift

- 0001673: [Crash Dump] Fix weight computation for rendering

- 0001663: [Crash Dump] Exception thrown when loading pano not caught

- 0001669: [Crash Dump] Out of bounds access causing crash in mutex lock or deadlocks

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