Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 3.0 Bêta 1 [logiciel d'assemblage d'images]

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Download Autopano 3 beta 1 panorama softwareLe développement progresse rapidement pour la version 3.0 d’Autopano. Après 3 versions alpha, voici la première bêta.

Pour rappel, toute personne peut essayer Autopano 3.0 en mode de démonstration, et les utilisateurs ayant une clé d’enregistrement légitime pour la version 2 peuvent l’utiliser sur les versions alpha et bêta d’Autopano 3.0.

Télécharger Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 3.0 Bêta 1 pour Windows, Mac, Linux

Journal des modifications (en anglais)

Main changes

This version is an improved version of Autopano engine v3. This is the first beta version and we are now in the stage where we don’t add new features, we only corrects bugs.

GPU support

We solved the complicated issue related to the support of some graphics cards and some OS that don’t allow to update GPU drivers easily. We hope that for most hardware, the solution found will give a nice real time interface in the editor.

Linux support

There were some issues with Linux support. To be able to solve them, we raised the minimal version of the kernel to a new value so that we can guarantee that everything is working smoothly. For Ubuntu, version 10.04 LTS is now needed as a minimal OS requirement.

Using during beta stage

We believe in our community and in our customers that have been supporting us for a long year on this version. The quality of a software application doesn’t come only from the quality of the developer ( come on, still a bit ;) ), but from the quality of the communication between you and us. So for the v3, we decided to do the following:

  • You can try all alpha, beta of Autopano Pro/Giga for free during the pre-release stage of the products. You can even remove the watermark as soon as you have a legitimate v2 key.
  • All betas are limited in time. This beta 1 version will expire end of October.

With this approach, you can already start to use v3 in production work ( at your own risk, of course ;) ). I hope that you will enjoy the v3 and report a lot of feedback on our forum about it.

Roadmap to the release

We are in beta stage, so this mean bug only correction. We are not far from the final version.

Fixes :

- 0001451: [Shell Integration] Linux build on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

- 0001474: [Shell Integration] Settings are not saved under linux

- 0001501: [Editor] When selecting a link, the CP-List does not refer to this selected link

- 0001492: [UI behavior] rename crop button 360×180

- 0001496: [Import plugins] VRDrive 2 plugins HDR mode

- 0001276: [Shell Integration] Extended save as with multiple folder source

- 0001493: [Editor] Unchecking remove control point in optimizer doesn’t disabled underlying controls

- 0001461: [Shell Integration] Autopano doesn’t work in remote desktop context

- 0001491: [Editor] prefered projection does not work

- 0001488: [Editor] Move pano is reseted when mouse is outside projection space

- 0001396: [GPU] Editor doesn’t show anything

- 0001486: [UI behavior] Cancel during folder pano detection only close dialog box

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