Customized Player UI W/Object Tweening?  

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Customized Player UI W/Object Tweening?

by MojoJojo » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:38 am

Hi All.....
I've been out of the tour creation game for about 4 years and DAMN!!!!! WTF happened? Flashificator has been abandoned (prolly cause flash is on it's last leg till 2020), Tourweaver's done nothing to improve it's mobile or HTML 5 for tours so basically still sucks, IOSVR is no longer being worked on and then there's krpano which by itself is useless unless you want to spend the next year or two leaning all about xml file coding so thank you Panotour Pro for taking it on. So what are we left with? Panotour Pro and Pano2Vr Pro seem to be the only real contenders still in the game.

Anyway. I am trying to figure out which tour software is going to allow me to do what I want with minimal fuss. I have been playing around with Panotour Pro's clunky GUI (they really need to have a "non nerdy non computer geek" design the GUIs) and either I am completely lost, or, what I am trying to accomplish can't be done with Panotour Pro without editing the xml file itself which is always a tediously time consuming task.

I am trying to create a customized player gui (skin) for each of my tours. My past clients like Trump Towers, Sheraton, McDonalds, Jones Lang Lasalle, Paul Mitchell Estate, etc..... have all wanted a customized GUI experience. I was able to understand and easily work with Flashificator back in the day so was able to create some pretty dynamic skins.

My question is simple. Is it possible to create a player interface like the one I created here Notice how objects interact with each other when selected. Hover over the beating heart to execute another action. I am staying away from flash creation this time around so don't want to create flash objects to get the effects. krpano allows object tweening, so I know I can make the effect by editing the xml file but this is too much work.

Like I said, I understand that Panotour uses krpano code and I also know that this can definitely be done in krpano using tween xml code. Is it possible to do this with Panotour Pro without having to break into the xml file? If so, where is the documentation? Does it require another plugin and if so which one?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Customized Player UI W/Object Tweening?

by benji33 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:24 pm

No, it's not possible to do the same with only the software.
The best thing in you case is to do it directly with krpano script which allows you all tweens, animations, rotations.
krpano license is included into Panotour Pro and can be used without Panotour Pro.

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