I am having issue with Webspots in panotour 2.5  

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I am having issue with Webspots in panotour 2.5

by Baptiste34 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:36 pm


At first i'm sorry for my english.

Now i will try to explain the best i can my issue.
For my latest project i need to use Webspots. My current panotour version is 2.5.11.
I am able to create the Webspot and it just shows right in the Virtual tour but i can't naviguate decently in the linked Website. I can't use the scrollbars except with my mouse scroll wheel. No others tabs on the website (i tryed with several websites, having the same issue over and over) give any response.
The strangest part is that i'v done a first edit few days ago and the 3 Webspots i used was responsive and working nicely before generation. When i generated the tour it just showed for the first one and the second one a black zone with nothing in it and for the last one the website was there but not responsive and impossible to navigate on.

I need to return the project to my client in few days and i just can't figure how could i fix this webspots issue. I could generate the tour if you need a better understanding of the problem.

Thanks for reading. I'll be responsive on answers.

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Re: I am having issue with Webspots in panotour 2.5

by bdd » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:15 pm


Are you using Chrome ?
If yes, it's a bug on Chrome side, that appeared with Chrome 67 a few days ago :

If you are not using Chrome, do you have this issue whatever the browser used ?


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