Lens for Nikon D610 fx  

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Lens for Nikon D610 fx

by Gustavo I » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:42 am

Hello everyone.

I have worked with Nikon d3100 and Nikon 10.5mm lens and it has been acceptable, without problems with the splicing of the images, a lens operatively comfortable (without making shots for HDR with 7 shots achieves all the coverage).
I need advice, given that I have decided to improve as a camera, I have purchased Nikon D610 full format ... and here comes the query of what lens they recommend me to use, to take advantage of the characteristics of the camera, balancing reduction of chromatic aberration, better zoom and good image quality.
* Consider I like night photography (poor lighting)
What I have in view:
Nikon 8-15mm (I understand that quality is better to use in 15mm and almost does not reach horizontally to 180 °)
Nikon 16mm 2.8 (I've read it is very good, it goes up a lot in number of shots for 360 ° coverage?)
Nikon 14-24mm (work on 16mm will be the same as the previous one- nikon 16mm 2.8-?)
Who already has Nikon 10.5 DX, loses quality in camera fX?
Well, I appreciate your experience and comments, as soon as possible per purchase trip

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