Gyroscope issue with Chrome 66+  

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Gyroscope issue with Chrome 66+

by benji33 » Wed May 16, 2018 4:12 pm

Since Google Chrome 66 (and for future updates), the browser changes the unit for its gyroscope sensor data values from radians to degrees.
Here is the bug report.

You can built the previously generated tour with Panotour Pro 2.5.11 which support Chrome 66 and more.

- Or -

You have to update the gyro2.js and webvr.js internal plugins which automatically check for the Chrome versions to use the right unit for the particular Chrome version.

The gyro2.js script (used by the Panotour Pro Gyroscope plugin) and the webvr.js script (used when switching to VR mode) must be pasted into the YOURTOURdata/graphics directory where YOURTOUR is the name given to your tour into the Buildscreen.

Only these 2 files must be updated to online production tours to repare the gyroscope.

Note: make sure to patch tours created between the 2.5.0 and the 2.5.10 version of Panotour Pro.
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