AVP - VR180 Edition  

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AVP - VR180 Edition

by Skaven252 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:48 am

I've primarily been using AVP for VR180 (or rather, VR180x101) with pairs of action cameras, already before VR180 became a thing. I've been thinking, now that VR180 is becoming a thing with proprietary cameras being announced, maybe Kolor could make a dedicated VR180 edition of AVP?

The features would include:
- Lens correction and projection to spherical equirect, cropped to 180x180 degrees (or 180x101 custom crop)
- Stabilization, color harmonization, et al AVP goodies
- Lens alignment correction (pitch, yaw, roll) built into AVP VR180 (no need to launch Giga for that)

- No stitching - one L/R stereo lens pair only
- No D.Warp

With limited customized features, the VR180 edition could be in an approachable price range. It would make it possible to even convert old GoPro 3D housing videos into VR180, and would give much better results for people who use PixPro SP360 4K camera pairs for VR180, than the stitching software that comes with the cameras.

Your thoughts?

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