Spherical Remapping - Side Pipeline  

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Spherical Remapping - Side Pipeline

by Thundergod » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:13 pm

(Accidentally posted this a different forum)

I work in FullDome (4K & 8K) and VR (4K & 8K)
It is VERY simple to go from VR to Dome (hemisphere) while you are stitching by modifying the projection method.

But true DUAL export requires two separated exports, double the calculations and rendering time. Alas, you cannot import a solved VR Spherical Export into AutoPano Video alone-- it wants to always stitch sources for its pipeline.

I would love if AutoPano Video to contain a toolset that allowed Projection Remapping.
Take a solved VR spherical LAT/LOG Video/Sequence and recalculate it as a Fisheye Sequence. Import, Rotate for framing to Export.

Right now I am forced to take my solved VR LatLong into NUKE for Spherical Projection Remapping. It works great, and much faster than reexporting another full AVP3 Fisheye Solve. But I can't help to think that this would be a great side-pipeline capability of the next APV4. All the tools are already there....we just need them in a side pipeline to modify VR LatLong into a new projection.

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