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GoPro VR Player 2.3 Final + 2.3.1

by benji33 » Mon May 22, 2017 10:37 am

Today we are happy to publish the final version of GoPro VR Player 2.3!

This new update brings a couple new features and some bug fixes.

Edit: we released v2.3.1 fixing two important bugs. See changelog at the bottom of this post.

What’s new?

Menu Bar
A brand new menu bar with all sorts of useful options and settings has been added. The keyboard shortcuts are also visible in the menu bar.

Facebook 360 video as input
Many customers wanted the support of Facebook 360 3:2 cubemap videos in GoPro VR Player. This is now possible with this new release.

Loop toggle
We’ve added a loop toggle to change the way a playlist or a file is looped. You can loop a playlist, a single file or deactivate the loop.

Add some momentum to direction change
With this new release, pan and keypress actions add some momentum to direction change. This option can be deactivated in the General settings.

Extract a print of the viewport to best quality
A new print screen option is now available and called “Print Screen HQ”.
With Ctrl+Alt+P or Cmd+Alt+P a snapshot of the viewport is registered in the highest quality. The snapshot size is linked to current pixel density of the view.

The file browser points to the latest opened folder
In this version, we decided to use by default the latest opened folder when selecting Open Media.

OpenVR SDK version 1.0.6
OpenVR is an API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors without requiring that applications have specific knowledge of the hardware they are targeting.

Adobe Premiere Plugin Update
We have continued work on the plugin and added a way to restore the player once exited.

For more detailed information, read the changelog at the bottom of this post.

Known Issue
Possible crashes with the DirectShow backend when some video codecs are missing. More information here: GoPro VR Player – Video decoding for Windows.


Fixes since 2.3.0:
This new 2.3.1 release comes with some bugfixes, mainly related to video reload after a stop.
- ALPS-1103 : Persistent setting to loop video is not applied
- ALPS-1102 : Video frame freezes but media continue to play audio

Fixes since 2.3.0 beta:
- ALPS-776 : Change shortcuts for input and output projections due to conflicts with MacOSX shortcuts
- ALPS-788 : Unmute shortcut doesn't work on MacOSX
- ALPS-791 : Conflict between input projection and output projection settings
- ALPS-814 : WMF engine crashes when selecting File > Quit on Windows
- ALPS-815 : DirectShow backend crashes when OpenGL isn't forced
- ALPS-818 : HMD UI is dark/black
- ALPS-819 : Output projection menu bar item isn't updated when calling "Next Projection"
- ALPS-826 : Drag and drop a video file on the GoPro VR Player icon failed
- ALPS-827 : Can't select GoPro VR Player when using "Open with... other app" on a video file
- ALPS-828 : The volume slider is not convenient to set and handle
- ALPS-837 : Player statistics patch
- ALPS-840 : Big images don't work on retina and hdpi screens
- ALPS-841 : Internal analytics library patch
- ALPS-866 : The "No duration" setting for image and playlist is bugged
- ALPS-943 : Installing GoPro VR Player takes ownership on video and image files on Linux
- ALPS-1028 : Volume slider is always displayed after a click on the volume icon
- ALPS-1040 : Volume slider can hide some buttons
- ALPS-1041 : Horizontal scroll bar appears in Preferences and may hide setting
- ALPS-1042 : "Restore default values" partially restores settings

Fixes since 2.2.0:
- ALPS-91 : Debug flood trace with WMF native backend
- ALPS-94 : Ability to use a Facebook 360 video as input (3:2 cubemap)
- ALPS-164 : Extract a print of the viewport to best quality
- ALPS-169 : Use standard keyboard shorcuts
- ALPS-174 : The file browser points to the latest opened folder
- ALPS-178 : Allow to select multiple files or directories through File/Open
- ALPS-187 : Crash with the CineForm decoder on Windows
- ALPS-190 : Add loop toggle to change the way a playlist or a file is looped
- ALPS-192 : Add some momentum to direction change from mouse and keyboard
- ALPS-450 : Adobe plugin; Bad first video frame on MacOSX
- ALPS-453 : Crash when starting playback of a video without OpenGL 2 support
- ALPS-460 : Unicode character issue into report file path on Windows
- ALPS-462 : Update OpenVR SDK to 1.0.6 version
- ALPS-516 : Adobe plugin; uncheck/check the plugin box doesn't call the player
- ALPS-536 : Spinbox issue with decimal number due to locale
- ALPS-540 : Crash with large textures on low-end computers and VM
- ALPS-681 : Add a menu bar to access the player settings directly
- ALPS-758 : Crash with some ambisonics metadata injected into videos
- ALPS-775 : Stop doesn't unload the current playing media

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