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Autopano Video 2.5.3

by Annis » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:03 am

Hello everyone,

A minor update of Autopano Video has just been released, with a few bug fixes but mainly fixing the compatibility of the GoPro VR NLE plugins with the latest version of Adobe CC 2017. See changelog below.

Download here:

Thanks for reading,

Main changes

This new 2.5.3 release comes with some bugfixes. One among them is related to the Adobe CC 2017 release, because NLE plugins did not work with this update.

Fixes since 2.5.2:

- KOI-281 : [NLE Plugin] NLE Plugin non functional after Adobe CC 2017 update
- KOI-273 : [crash] crash when allocated pool mem manager
- KOI-272 : [crash] failed to create temp file in KVideo init
- KOI-241 : [Omni Importer] Quitting Omni Importer during processing results in crash
- KOI-148 : [Omni Importer] App will crash sometimes when quitting while rendering
- KOI-147 : [Omni Importer] Can't launch the app sometimes

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