Most 360 options in one place...  

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Most 360 options in one place...

by Destiny » Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:44 am

Hey.... I found this website a few months ago.. Those missing include the iris 360 and the Sphericam 2..

Some have already come an gone.. Out of them all I like the iris 360 but I would need the output quality to be lot better than it is for me to buy one, partially the nadir footprint.. The stitching can be yuck and so can the Chromatic Aberration. Its only a single shot still camera, pity it did not have both still and video. I like the look of the unit too and the HDR output..... I can see this unit developing very well.. Love to test one out..

The Sphericam 2 is a 360 video camera and is beginning to wear on me.. I like the innovations the company is focusing on.. but I have yet to see any decent media output, which I find strange since the unit is due for sale very soon..

I have seen output from the Ladybug which can be good but wow, at what cost.. The iStar can be good but has a huge Nadir Footprint. The price is also way too high for amateurs to consider..

I feel we have only seen the tip of whats to come with these hardware media types.. Within a few years, one or perhaps, two will rise to be clear industry winner/s...


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