readjustable panorama size  

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readjustable panorama size

by vertrider » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:47 pm


just some usability requests...

First, I don't know if this has already been asked for or if I oversaw it somewhere in Panotour Pro's GUI, but is there a way to readjust the size of the exported panorama of a VR not only in terms of JPG quality but also on pixel image size (length x width synchronized) - for building and rebuilding an existing pano.

I have experimented a lot with different sizes and qualities of JPG panos for different customers (some want more speed on loading, some want more zoom and quality in detail, and don't care about loading time). because if I create the panos in autopano via my standard setting for a given camera / lens / angle combination, they are all the same size based on TIFF, JPG or whatever format autopano exports the pano.

later I resize (shrink) them (1/2 size, 1/3 size etc), to get the best speed/performance ratio for each clients needs. and on that size of the panos I build the project.

but that resizing is time consuming, because you often don't get the perfect sizing for a certain speed / load time combination.

It would be useful if PTP would offer some kind of presets e.g.
- S / M / L
- load speed
- quality of detail
- and user storable presets

so that we basically would just create the base panoramas in autopano, import them in the PTP project, and let PTP do the sizing of each VR for different needs / presets.

Also a estimate of the final project size somewhere - depending on what presets one has used - would be handy. Of course the project size can be looked after build on the project's folder size before FTPing, but that takes additional time.

(BTW do the ZOOM LIMITS in Panorama Properties - View - actually have any effect on the final size of the built project?)

Second, I'd like to have the ability to choose / preset the kind of hotspot that is used for each new hotspot created within a panorama within the Hotspot Properties - Display dialog box.

If I use one kind of Hotspot often in one Pano (e.g. Sequence or Info), I always have to go trough them all and select that specific one, again and again.

I'd also like to use some own created ones as a preset (instead of opening a folder dialog box to load that special PNG etc all the time)

Third, coming from Mac OSX, that does not allow for system font sizing, it would be useful if PTP (as well as APP) would allow for an increase or decrease of just the programs font size. on a 17" MBP screeen or the 27" iMac screen, the typo is quite small (the more tired one get's ;).

Fourth, it would be handy, if PTP would remember the location of all it's windows (or allow for some preset desks like in PS, PR etc)

Fifth, it would be useful, if PTP could have a feature, where all panos pointing TO another pano and FROM another pano selected, are just listed.

Or other way round: If I delete a pano in a huge project (for whatever reason) I have to manually delete ALL hotspots that point to the deleted pano from other ones. Would be cool if PTP would do that automatically. Since it is time consuming, and if you select all panos to see the arrows that point from Hotspots to the pano (before it is deleted), there are often way too much arrows and lines to differentate.


I'd like to have a "rearrange all panos" function that centers the panos of a project on the screen at all times (and not somewhere where I can't see it), and a quick "view size" button or right-klick option somewhere for example like in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (for resizing Videos in the preview screen - it's very fast how it is done there). or maybe a separate smaller "navigation" window like in photoshop (to see where the cloud of panos is floating around outside of the project window).

Seventh, it would be handy if the Hotspot "button" in the Hotspot-Editor does not have to be klicked twice to activate the function to set a hotspot. At least with 1.7 it often happens that I select the "create round hotspot button", than go to the pano to select a location for a hotspot, only to see that the "button" is disabled, and I have to reclick it so that I can set the hotspot.

Erm, Eight finally ;): Would be handy if PTP would remember the last 5 or so Hotspot Properties for URLs (the same could maybe help for the Hotspot Properties - Display dropdown).

OK, lots of wishes, but for a already excellent Pano Building Software that can only get better!

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by DArt » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:43 pm

Thanks for all these interesting things. Some of your point is already planned, and we will think about others!
For rearrange all panos, you have already something (far to be perfect, we are ok, but exists with Ctrl+R (Command+R for Mac)).

User wishes are always welcome, it gives us user point of view to enhanced our software!

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