Autopano Engine v2.6 Beta 4  

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Autopano Engine v2.6 Beta 4

by AlexandreJ » Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:58 pm


It's been long to get this release out because several other projects in the pipe too.
But don't me say what I didn't, we really care a lot about Autopano too.
That's why this beta 4 was long to get out, to resolve a lot of some issues everywhere. I hope you will appreciate the improvements done.

Main changes

APG only: NEW : Exposure fusion Preview :

In the exposure fusion, a small but real rendering has been plugged to show you the accurate color you'll get after rendering. It's been regenerated following any cursor change.

APG only: IMPROVED : Integration into external softwares :

[uli]Support for Adobe Lightroom 3.* ( A new way to integrate this plugin has been done : it's now an export plugin in Lightroom ).[/uli]
[uli]Support for Adobe Bridge CS3, 4, 5, 5.1 ( Raw are now developed before stitching in jpeg )[/uli]
[uli]Support for Apple Aperture 3 ( Raw are developped either in Tiff or Jpeg before stitching )[/uli]
[uli]Support for Google Picassa 3 ( no raw development here, raw is injected directly into Autopano Giga ).[/uli]

IMPROVED: Neurone ( our optimizer engine ) has a lot of improvement or new features :

As a result, the geometric quality of stitching has raised a lot on small focal length rectilinear lenses ( typical lens for high order distortion ).
By default, the sensor center shift has been enabled. This also give a nice boost is RMS quality. It's often not negligeable at all with today's sensor number of pixels.
Speed of fisheye stitching : at least 300% speedup, but it can be 10x too on big project.
On standard lens, support for 2nd and 3rd order distortion.
On standard lens, support for offset between lens and sensor.
Warning : as the lens model has improved, opening a 2.6 autopano .pano file under an old version won't give nice results.

NEW / IMPROVED : Rendering engine blending improvement and new features :

Priority support for several focal length : the longest focal length lens has priority over pixels coming from short focal length lens.
Histogram of focal length is now display around the rendering percentage slider. This allows a nice view over pixel density.
The multiband stage has been improved ( pyramid levels adjusted ) resulting in a better color uniformization over the whole area. No more issue in skies should happen now.

IMPROVED : Move mode

Better handling of keyboard operation in that mode in CPU or GPU.
Mouse operation are happening smoothly without any visual artefact.

IMPROVED : Papywizard and Gigapan plugin

Because of the Neurone engine upgrade, we changed a little the way we cope with such plugin.
The quality of stitching has raised in both mode with better handling of gigapan project and better located orphen images in Papywizard.

NEW - GPU mode is enabled by default if possible

BTW : texture manager has been rewrote from scratch and now it loads texture faster and in a more friendly manner.

IMPROVED - Layer editor check/uncheck is more user friendly
FIX - Rendering with small percentage could give too sharp results.
FIX - Update manager could miss to warn about some updates
And a lot of fixes.

Fixes :

- 0000925: [Import plugins] Papywizard -> remove temporary point after optimization - assigned.
- 0000923: [UI behavior] Editor: pano move selected by default even when GPU is disabled - resolved.
- 0000921: [UI behavior] Slider rendering Percentage under mac not visible - resolved.
- 0000924: [Import plugins] Import Gigapan: color egalization to disable when optimization disabled - resolved.
- 0000922: [Cortex ( rendu )] Crash during multiband - resolved.
- 0000915: [UI behavior] Without GPU available, some UI defects make settings window hard to use - resolved.
- 0000868: [Editor] Blue Control point link cannot be selected until optimization - resolved.
- 0000843: [Editor] Move Mode : Texture is one move ahead - resolved.
- 0000842: [Editor] Move mode : key mode doesn't validate - resolved.
- 0000847: [Unclassified] GPU activated by default - resolved.
- 0000832: [Image I/O] Launch a second instance of APG on MAC with args does not open new images given as arguments - resolved.
- 0000575: [Cortex ( rendu )] Reopening .pano file change the RMS ( gigapan case ) - resolved.
- 0000867: [Performance] Core setting should be clamp to newly detected number of core - resolved.
- 0000890: [Editor] GPU display of high offset images is not well located on the preview - resolved.
- 0000893: [Unclassified] Beta version isn't informed of final release - resolved.
- 0000892: [Editor] Finetunning detection with new lens distorsion model - resolved.
- 0000884: [Neurone ( optimisation )] By default, on standard lens with exif, enable sensor offset - resolved.
- 0000750: [Cortex ( rendu )] Crash when rendering - photos with different focal lenght - resolved.
- 0000815: [Cortex ( rendu )] Wrong interpolation when rendering < 50% - resolved.
- 0000856: [Editor] GPU black image on ATI - resolved.
- 0000833: [Import plugins] Aperture Export Bug - resolved.
- 0000875: [Image I/O] Cameras.txt => canon scale factor are off scale - resolved.
- 0000831: [Unclassified] Plugin lens correction : some pixels added around the openLens plugins - resolved.
- 0000840: [UI behavior] Bad layer behavior in pano editor - resolved.
- 0000863: [Editor] Export only some image among a lot of - resolved.
- 0000845: [Editor] Some progress bar are missing - resolved.
- 0000855: [Editor] Exposure fusion preview in CPU broken - resolved.
- 0000783: [UI behavior] hourglass not present when clicking optimize - resolved.
- 0000800: [Image I/O] Lightroom feedback - resolved.
- 0000728: [Shell Integration] Lintian issues pass - resolved.
- 0000861: [Import plugins] Openlens plugins, everything is black in output - resolved.
- 0000725: [Performance] Free space checking for temp folder should parse external computer or website - resolved.
- 0000829: [Qt] undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii - resolved.
- 0000857: [Image I/O] Wrong folder in .pano, should look directly in current folder first - resolved.
- 0000853: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Preview / Rendering is not the same visually - resolved.
- 0000616: [Editor] Add image which is not fisheye leads to crash - resolved.
- 0000812: [UI behavior] Centerpoint tool still active during Levels settings - resolved.
- 0000814: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Load .pano and reoptimize break the panorama - resolved.
- 0000844: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Difference between display angle in layer editor and saved angle in .pano - resolved.
- 0000838: [Unclassified] Plugin Installation on Mac Lion is broken - resolved.
- 0000830: [Cortex ( rendu )] The Blending Options by default is Custom - resolved.
- 0000835: [Cortex ( rendu )] Check multiband on this case - resolved.
- 0000926: [Cortex ( rendu )] Check the global User setting for rendering - closed.
- 0000834: [Editor] Manual placement of image does produce jump sometimes - closed.
- 0000813: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Wrong 360à‚° panorama detected after an optimization - closed.

Download URL at the bottom of this page :

Take care


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by taf » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:11 pm

grosse release apparement, excellent, je vais tester cela dès ce soir, j'ai environ 500-700 panos à  faire ces prochains jours ;-) (retour de vacances)...

ca tombe bien !!!!
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by DrSlony » Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:12 pm

Great! Thank you for making this beta public!

taf 500-700 photos or panos?

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by 360panos » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:51 pm

Connaissant TAF, je mise une poignée de dollars qu'il s'agit bien de 700 panos :lol:
Avant cette aventure dans un monde empoussiéré ..... on me connaissait comme "unbridgesinonrien"

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by taf » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:19 pm

raté... J'en ai calculé 935 !!!! Même pas Mille... Je viens de terminer les panos de mon voyage aux USA 2011...
Belle série ;)
Look. There's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up !

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by Oliviervallouise » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:10 pm

Tu uses combien d'obturateurs par voyages ? :P

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by taf » Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:09 pm

j'ai un 7D depuis 2009, donc il tiens bien ;-)

Je compte environ 2500 photos / semaines en général à  chaque voyage...
Le max que j'ai fait : USA 2008 12000 photos en 4 semaines (mais j'avais un 40D, donc moins de pixel, et plus de photos / panos).

Maintenant, avec le 7D, mes panos comprennent nettement moins de photos ;-) Un 6*2 ou un 6*3 fait déjà  un panos énorme...

C'est pour cela que j'apprécie l'ergonomie d'autopano, car faire + de 900 panos avec un soft, il a intérêt à  être bien question interface !!!
En fait, APG, c'est giga non pas pour le nombre de photos par panos, mais plus pour le nombre de panos que je calcule ;-)
Look. There's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up !

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by PanoMonster » Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:42 pm

is it possible for you guys to write in english?

i mean im not native english... but like the rest of the world i try too speak english in international forums. it´s a matter of netiquette.

i know the french seem to have problems (to damn proud :) ) speaking another language ( i notice that each time i visit paris) but come on it´s the language of the web.... :)

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by klausesser » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:12 pm

PanoMonster wrote:is it possible for you guys to write in english?

Ii support that! :cool:

best, Klaus
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