New Orleans City Skyline at Twilight  

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New Orleans City Skyline at Twilight

by Castillonis » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:21 am

The weather was nice the last day I was in New Orleans and I went out just before twilight to capture some images. I had the misfortune of talking to a street hustler on Bourbon street and tried to exit the scene by taking a taxi. Unfortunately I dropped my mobile phone as I was entering the taxi with my two bags of camera gear. I did not become aware that my phone was missing until I was a few blocks away. I was fortunate that my taxi cab driver from Jordan was very empathetic and went with to get my cell phone.

Luckily the hustler was arguing with security at a hotel and stepped back and pulled my mobile phone from his pocket. At this moment, I suddenly stepped forward and claimed my phone. You should have seen him suddenly step back and open his eyes wide in suprise as he was not expecting me to return. He was reluctant at first, but relinquished the phone as he saw the large Jordanian man that was with me. We had to enter a bar while trying to "shake" him ( escape or lose him ). I realized how fortunate I was to not have been involved in an altercation and to have successfully retrieved my mobile phone.

I stitched this panorama with APG 2.5 RC from two exposure brackets of three that I captured. I had to correct the RAW files for vignetting in Adobe Raw before I stitched them. I am so pleased with the improvement of APG's control point editing. Kolor did such a great job improving the capabilities and the speed of the interface. I still do have some problems aligning parts of HDR images and I have not tried to use a stack approach yet.
New Orleans City Skyline at Twilight
Notice that Jackson square is at the right end of the panorama. Also the building that is the furthest to the left has alignment problems.

The second panorama is an exposure bracketed panorama of a church and the Empire state building in Manhattan this October.
Empire State Building in Manhattan

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