hotspots in 360 video?  

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hotspots in 360 video?

by 42VR » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:28 pm

i can't believe i'm the only one asking about this.
i understand that PTP pro 2.5 allows you to place a regular hotspot on an imported 360 video.
but is there any way to place the hotspot at different points in the timeline of the video?
maybe a doorway at 1 minute in, then a car at 3 minutes in, then 2 hotspots at 5 minutes etc.
how do i place hotspots in a video at different times in the video?'
i can't believe they can't do this!
sort of basic for video, i would think?
am i just missing something?
i can't find any info or tutorials how to do this.



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