Gear 360 2017 not stitching  

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Gear 360 2017 not stitching

by Martinelli » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:41 pm

Can someone help me?
I just bought a new Gear 360, but it is impossible to stitch both videos and pictures.
Both apps does not detect the points. I tried the tutorial here in Kolor website and youtube with no success.

Firt, what is the right template to stitch in AVP? I am using entanya 220 and rarely works. The time that it did the final product was distorted, shrinked near the stitching line. Can you make a template for it? Or at least create a tutorial or give me the right lens specs for it? I also trying to fiddle with the "scope" buttons, but it does not work either.

Second, if i want to stitch pictures in Giga it says that there are no points and gives no results when i try to detect them. What should i do?
I am separating the pictures "front" and "back" for this.

Everything works fine if i use my old rig with 6 cams, but i bought the gear to work faster.

I am using the terrible app from samsung because of this problem but the results are terrible.

My PC:
i5, 32 ram, gtx 750 ti

I have the AVP and Giga Bundle

Sorru about my english, i am a bit rusty :)

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Re: Gear 360 2017 not stitching

by Matheus » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:49 pm

Up for the photo part

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