Speed is at 1.18 fps in rendering  

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Speed is at 1.18 fps in rendering

by net_ralf » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:29 pm


I am just curious about the rendering speed you guys get. My rendering speed is always areound 1.18 +- 5% with following machine specs._

Win 10 Pro
i7 3770k
32GB Ram
GTX 1080
Footage is on Raid 0
Omni with 2.7k material
AVP Version 3 RC3

Here is what i do to the Footage
Stich, Stab 100%, Rolling Shutter correction, CC and Harmonize, Dwarp. Rendering as Cineform Avi,(or mp4 4K Preset)

Under settings GPGPU is checked for rendering

Is that normal?


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