Plugins: Groupspecific Buttons  

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Plugins: Groupspecific Buttons

by 360-compunics-com-ni » Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:49 am

I would like to present the "GroupspecificButtons" plugin package, consisting of three plugins that can be used alone or in combination to ease the process of creating individual tour navigation modes.

* Groupspecific Button
* Groupspecific ToggleButton
* GroupOnly Previous/Next Pano

Similar to the "Panorama Specific - Simple button" and "Toggle button" plugins for single panos, the "Groupspecific" plugins do activate one or several buttons for individually selected panorama groups only. The selection of the group(s) to activate your buttons is done via standard PTP GUI panorama/group selector, so there is no need to lookup group-ids or type-in groupnames (see the attached screenshot below).

In addition, you can define if the buttons or togglebuttons shall be displayed on certain device types only: desktop, tablet and/or mobile.

The "Group-Only Previous/Next Pano"-plugin allows to restrict the selection of the next or previous pano to stay within the current panorama group. This can either be switched on "globaly", so that it works with the "previous/next"-buttons of every PTP controlbar, or you can assign these actions to your custom navigation buttons.

The price of this plugin package is 18€ (including 15% tax), they are not sold separately.
The plugin package is available on my website at:
Out now: DeviceCheck for PTP plugins!

Want to know how clients use your tours? Google Analytics Track Events plugin:

Add actions to your hotspots: Hotspot Actionlist plugin:

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