Horizon Moves Over Time  

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Horizon Moves Over Time

by bmaganic » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:40 am


I'm learning how to use Autopano and Premiere for 360 video and there's a lot of complications and problems I run into, with little resources online to help me solve. I do appreciate the full omni workflow that you guys are uploading to Youtube, but it leaves out a lot of stuff. I purchased the Omni almost 2 months ago, and I have to say, if it was within 30 days, I'd return it for a refund because it's just so difficult. Sigh... My issue currently is trying to level a horizon in a 3rd person view shot. The shot features my cam set up on a 3rd person view backpack pole while my friend is skateboarding with his electric longboard. The shot is stabilized in AVP, but the horizon doesn't stay level for very long. How can I fix this? I hear that VR Horizon plugin in Premiere can be used to fix this? Something called keyframing? I can't find anything online showing me what keyframing is, or how to use it. Is there some easier simpler solution? Can I send someone at Gopro or Kolor my unedited/un-stitched footage and have a screen-share session/tutorial helping me specifically with my shot? If I can learn the workflow well, a client of mine is willing to buy me multiple 360 cameras for a big upcoming project. If I can't make it work with the Gopro, I'll have to wait for something like the Insta360 Pro to come out, and pray it lives up to the hype.

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Re: Horizon Moves Over Time

by Skaven252 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:11 am

Using stabilization value lower than 100% (it can be easily adjusted afterwards in the Stitching tab) can help eliminate drift, as it will remove long term movement.

Manual compensation works too. After applying the stabilization, you can go to the Authoring tab and use the Cutter tool on the timeline to create a state change. You can drag the edges of these states across each other to crossfade from one to the next, to make gradual changes (such as, to compensate for a gradual horizon drift).

After you've figured out how the drift happens, create a long crossfaded state, then in the new keyframe rotate the horizon so that it is straight again, and click Apply to set it.

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