Omni Importer Not Working  

Have a problem using the GoPro Omni Importer? Have you encountered a bug that needs fixing? Please post it here.
Des difficultés à utiliser le GoPro Omni Importer ? Avez-vous découvert un bug qui doit être fixé ? Postez les ici.
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Omni Importer Not Working

by cgm4967 » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:38 am

I have just started using my Omni rig and the Omni Importer will not recognize my videos from the rig on the SD cards or offloaded onto my HDD. It spins for a moment and then says No Spherical Videos Found.

I am using Windows 10 with the latest version of all software.

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Re: Omni Importer Not Working

by ClaireM » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:34 am


Can you please indicate which version of the Omni importer you're using?



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