Merlin Non-Goto & DSLR's - Wifi or USB:  

In the panorama field, hardware is also part of the success. You can discuss here about it: camera, computer, pano head, anything
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Merlin Non-Goto & DSLR's - Wifi or USB:

by zhiker » Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:54 pm

The following info is to extend your DLSR's use for Pano shooting, Timelapse, Depth of Field,
and Focus Stacking using either Android Phone or tablet, or Iphone/Tablet.
The following info is for those of you that have a Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto and either
DSLR (Canon,Nikon,Sony) and would like your DSLR to be either wifi or tethered via usb
to either a (Android/I-Phone) phone/tablet and still use Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto via Bluetooth.
Take a look at the following photo's and after that the web links on how to accomplish the
following either usb/wifi.
FYI: USB cost around $8.00 or less / Wifi cost $40.00 or less.
WIFI Setup (TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router):
USB tethered to Samsung S5 Android Phone (DslrDashboard):
WIFI Closeup (TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router) Setup View:
USB Tethered/Android Phone Closeup (DslrDashboard App) Setup View:
USB Tethered/Android Phone Closeup (DSLR Controller App) Setup View:
WIFI Setup (TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router and Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet):
WIFI Setup Closeup of DslrDashboard App running on Tablet:
Pano Stitch of Columbia River Gorge looking west (Canon T3i & DslrDashboard App):
FYI: I suggest it is advisable to start with the USB connection and then move up to WIFI.
Here are the Web Info Links:
DslrDashboard: Will work for either Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR's Check Web Site:
DSLR Controller: For Canon DSLR Users Only:
TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router: Read before doing the firmware upgrade.
Also watch the following Youtube Tutorial:
Auto Exposure/ISO Ramping with DslrDashboard and LRTimelapse
TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router:
Before doing any setup of this router, Look for all passwords, TC/IP info and write it
down, look on box and where battery is located. Also charge unit, before using, plug unit in
and orange lite will light up, wait for green light for full charge, or things will go bad.
Micro-USB Male to USB 2.0 Female Host OTG Adapter Cable: EBay Web Link:
Nikon Users: Another Option (Nikon WU-1b Review)
Photo Equipment:
Canon Rebel XS and Canon T3i
Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto (Bluetooth enabled)
TP-Link 3040 v2.3 Wireless Router
Samsung S5 Android Phone
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet
Dell Streak 7 Tablet (Papywizard)
Micro-USB Male to USB 2.0 Female Host OTG Adapter Cable
USB Extension Cable - 3 meter.
Android APPs:
DslrDashboard (Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR's)
DSLR Controller (Canon DSLR's Users only)
Papywizard 2.0 (Samsung S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet, Dell Streak 7 Tablet)
Hopes this helps......zhiker

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Re: Merlin Non-Goto & DSLR's - Wifi or USB:

by mediavets » Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:37 am

I have all the hardware and software components but don't understand how you can control the camera shutter automatically from Merlin-Papywizard using either USB tethered or WiFi configurations.

Can you provide simplified schematic diagrams to show how you have connected the various components/elements for USB tethered and WiFi configurations?

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