Rendering percentage and down sampling  

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Rendering percentage and down sampling

by Mr Moose » Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:26 pm

What is the best choice when a pano is rendered larger than needed.
For example, if I have a 42 image pano that would render @ 100% 80"x32" But I only want 40"x16"
1. I could move the slider in APP to 50% so my output is 40"x16" then do my editing in Photoshop
2. I could render @100% in APP do all the necessary editing in Photoshop, then down sample to 40"x16"
The reason I ask is the fact that rendering in APP @ 50% is showing some softness when I bring it back into PS for editing.
So my question is, would it be better to edit a image a image rendered @ 100% in APP, then edit and down sample later, and have a sharper image?
Also, would APG make a difference with these large multiple column/image pano's?
There is one other factor, my overlap is closer to 40% than the recommended 20%

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Re: Rendering percentage and down sampling

by AlexandreJ » Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:11 am

That's a good question.

The general rule: Always edit in full resolution and do the final down-sampling at the really end of the process.
That's true for resolution but also for color depth ( edit in 16-bits and convert to 8 bits at the end ).

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