APG+Gigapan import+Neutralhazer Plugin  

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APG+Gigapan import+Neutralhazer Plugin

by mosleyhgp » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:58 pm

I ran into an issue that I can't seem to get past.

I am using APG 3.0.7. I imported 279 images with the Gigapan import wizard (31x9). They detected and stitched without an issue. I then ran the neutralhazer plugin on the same images. They were saved in the same source folder and brought into APG automatically as another job. They did not detect and stitch correctly though - the result was compressed vertically compared to the original stitch. Thinking that the changes made by Neutralhazer had affected the detection process, I went back to the original version and saved it as a template, which I then used to try and stitch the neutralhazed images. I saw no improvement.

Please tell me if I've missed something or if I've found a bug. Thanks in advance.

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Re: APG+Gigapan import+Neutralhazer Plugin

by ThomasV » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:34 am


It is hard to diagnose the problem without any screens of the panorama, but I think there is something wrong with your process.
We using the Gigapan importer, you give information to Autopano on where are the pictures in the final panorama. So, when no control points are found, we can still find a rather correct position for the picture.

If you run neutralhazer on the pictures, the newly created group does not have the information of the Gigapan import. I understand it can be a little disappointing. To have the correct behavior, you have to redo the gigapan import, selecting the dehazed pictures.
By the way, you do not need to use the gigapan importer to use the neutralhazer plugin, so you will use the importer only once.


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