GoPro Hero2's and AVP trial version  

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GoPro Hero2's and AVP trial version

by Garry » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:36 pm

As a test I am using 3 GoPro Hero2's and the AVP trial version. My initial intent is to create video with 180 degree FOV to be viewed in KolorEyes. I am using a homemade rig prior to purchasing a commercial rig. The Hero2's were on hand so that's what I am using. Setting the cameras at 960/48fps Wide Protunes or 1080/30fps Wide Protunes, I am able to stitch with approx. 40% overlap. There are no control points or links in Autopano Pro when I attempt to edit. Rendering creates an AVP .kava file.
I am unable to view the rendered video in Koloreyes. I am on a Windows 7 desktop. Changing the menu setting to Direct Show does not allow the video to be played.
My questions are: 1) what steps am I missing in the editing process? 2) what settings need to changed in KolorEyes to view the rendered video? 3) can KolorEyes play a 180 degree video ( KolorEyes will play a single GoPro wide video as a 360 degree video) ?

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