Cooperation - looking for a job.  

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Cooperation - looking for a job.

by Mateusz Malinowski » Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:59 am

I want to offer my work for you. I stich panoramas from a few years - standard from tripod, from pole and mast, 9 bracketing, anaglyphs etc. Most o them were 6 + zenit. If you don't have time I can stich panoramas for you. Work with ptgui and photoshop CS6.

What it cooperation scheme?
1. you send single photos (raw or tif or jpg or whatever) on server (packed into .zip) and send me link to download
2. then I stich photos into ready to publish panorama (full retoush if neccesary) and
3. send on my server (equirectangular or mov or cube) and send you link to download.

Please contact if interested.
PS. You must offer price first. Want check me? Send single photos for 1 panorama to free test. (to free TEST, not free WORK - I add watemark to test panorama).

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