GoPro VR player - sync with fb spatial workstation  

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GoPro VR player - sync with fb spatial workstation

by outlaw1988 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:16 pm


I'm very impressed with spook fm sync application (, which I use to sync image and 2nd order ambisonics sound (converted to TBE format) recorded by microphone array. I use it with plugin - Audio 360 control (from facebook spatial workstation) + of course Reaper and Go Pro VR player - as it's recommended in tutorial ... zLxmEIYBl4. Reaper and Go Pro are connected via Open Sound Control (OSC).

Yaw angle works very good, but I have a problem with pitch. In go pro player, pitch increases when looking down and decreases when looking up - in facebook plugin - it's opposite. As a result e.g. when I'm looking down, the sound gets from inverted direction in elevation plane.

I know that it works correctly with ATK Reaper plugin, but in this case I have to use fb360 plugins.

Does anyone know solution of the problem? I think it can be a nice feature in sync or GoPro VR player to negate/shift angles getting from master player.

I thank you in advance.

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