Easy UDP control...  

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Easy UDP control...

by gcade » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:11 pm

Hello !

I'm working on a project here, where I plan to use GoPro VR Player.
The idea is to synchronize this player with special effects, controlled by an other piece of software.
I've seen that GoPro VR can send and read UDP JSON packets to sync...

I'm not a developper, and as such, I was looking for a way to send these UDP packets and control GoPro VR via the command line (I mean controlling the playback, not just launching a file).
So, the software controlling the Special Effects would trigger scripts running commands to stay in sync with GoPro VR during.

But actually, I'm having issues finding such an utility. Do you know one ? Or how I can do this ? Is there an other "non programming" way of doing this (not only launching the player, but also controling the playback)?

Thanks a lot by advance for your help.

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