Loading error in PT Viewer - 360˚ Videos  

Have a problem using Panotour Viewer? Have you encountered a bug that needs fixing? Please post it here.
Des difficultés à utiliser Panotour Viewer ? Avez-vous découvert un bug qui doit être fixé? Postez les ici.
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Loading error in PT Viewer - 360˚ Videos

by publicacaovpc » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:53 pm

Hello friends. I'm having a issue when I try to see a project which contains 360˚ videos on the mobile version of PT Viewer. The moment that I try to move from a photo to a video, a message error appears, but the weird part is the video actually can be playable if I request so. Then, when I try to move from the video to a regular panorama, the same error message appears, just for the record, the file is not broken or crashed, it's working fine on desktop version. Back to the situation, the error only appears in the first transitions on both cases (photo to video, video to photo), after this first movements, the error message doens't appears anymore and the tour works fine until I reload it.

Also, do you guys knows why the PT viewer works in different ways on mobile and desktop? In desktop, I'm able to use that option "open in browser" which resolves the question and the tour works normally, but why in mobile I cannot do that? And the issue described above keeps happening?

Thanks for the attention,
waiting for a answer soon.

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Re: Loading error in PT Viewer - 360˚ Videos

by Annis » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:44 am

How does the tour work once online?

Panotour Viewer is an extremely limited tool, not intended for commercial use in any way and it doesn't not support many features including videos on iOS. http://www.kolor.com/wiki-en/action/vie ... _on_Mobile

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