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Documentation needs updating

by Phrogz » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:39 pm

I like that the documentation includes both tutorials ("Need to do this task? Here's what you do") as well as a reference section ("Here is a description of every button, menu item, and interface item.") However, the reference section seems incomplete, or out of date.

I wanted to crop my video to a custom ratio. Before I figured out that this could only be done in Giga, I found the "Custom ratio" option in the Realtime preview window. But choosing it did did not present me with a dialog to enter a custom ratio, it did not enable crop handles that would let me resize the preview window. So I went to the documentation and opened up every page and searched for the words "Custom ratio". I was surprised that nowhere in the documentation are these words, which are in the interface, were mentioned.

(Oh, and: can you please provide the documentation as a PDF or single-page HTML option? It's hard to search the documentation by opening up every page.)

The Timeline documentation has screenshots and descriptions that clearly do not match what the timeline shows in my version of Video Pro.

For software that is as expensive as this is, and yet which does not offer any customer support, I expect the documentation to be reliable. Right now it is not.

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