What is this new sub-forum?  

Suggestions for our documentation.
Suggestions pour améliorer la documentation.
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What is this new sub-forum?

by Annis » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:07 pm


This new sub-forum is here, in an effort to bring us closer to our community, to know what you would like to see in our Documentation.

Disregarding what is currently in progress or being translated, we would like to know what you would like to see expanded or explained in our documentation, what you would like a (possibly more in depth) tutorial of.

This can be from a simple idea suggestion (ie: "I'm looking for tips on how to patch the nadir" or "I'd like to see some more test cases"), to offering and helping us create a tutorial, providing source images and such.

Have you ever read something in our documentation and wondered "what on earth does that mean?"? Well, in this topic, you can tell us about it so that we can explain, add and improve.
With your help, we would like to make our documentation as complete and understandable as possible.

The rules are simple, in order to keep this category as neat as possible, your posts would have to start with these codes:
- [IDEA] for simple ideas, but that aren't very developed
- [SUGGESTION] for documentation or tutorials that you think can be improved/explained
- [CONTRIBUTION] for documentation or tutorials you want to help us set up

And of course,
- [DONE] for the posts that will have been dealt with, with a link in the first post towards to the page that will have been modified, added, etc.

Make sure that you provide enough information (which software is this concerning, what part of the documentation, etc...).

This is not a forum for suggesting improvement in the software themselves, there is already a dedicated category for each software.

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