Navigation in VR Mode  

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Navigation in VR Mode

by jhc » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:39 pm

I have read all I can on VR Mode and the navigation but I cant seem to find a solution without shooting again with a compass - The documentation suggests that all panorama centers must be facing North to have a consistent "natural feel". I have created a tour that works great in normal mode and then it jumps to default view in VR.

I am shooting on a Omni in stills mode and the way the software calculates the stitch is moving the center point on virtually every shot. I have no Idea where north is as i shot it in a shopping center !! Is there a way I can just use the hotspot target views in the normal tour - that seems to work fine. If is click the "change default view it works fine moving in one direction but when I come back it is all wrong.

Why cant it just replicated the screen view?


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Re: Navigation in VR Mode

by Annis » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:21 am

Why cant it just replicated the screen view?

Custom view simply isn't supported in VR Mode.

If your panoramas haven't been aligned in the same direction during stitching, you can use the option VR Mode "Use default view of each scene" which will use the default view of your panoramas as a new north (or reference point, it doesn't need to be North, just have a common point.

For example for your supermarket scenes, you could try to think "which direction to the supermarket exit", and have all the panoramas aligned to that point, even through walls. This will align all your panoramas to the same reference point.

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Re: Navigation in VR Mode

by vaccinemedia » Wed May 09, 2018 10:30 pm

I have tried this and unfortunately this is not working for me. I have multiple shots of a bar / pub in Manchester and have made it so that the default view for each image is facing at 0 degrees horizontal to the bar AND then made sure that the compass for each shot was at 0 degrees. The tour produced using keep view for example makes the user rotate between scenes - I would expect the compass to stay in the direction the user was pointing before moving. On one of them in particular the user is facing backwards and yet all of the scenes have been aligned with the bar both from a default view and compass heading. Can you advise what I am doing wrong or share my screen / send a video capture so I can show you the issue?

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