Error:"Project can not be built"  

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Error:"Project can not be built"

by d_e-gw » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:47 pm


I'have been using Panotour at first and recently switched to Panotour Pro.
Now I have the problem that I cannot finish a project that I started in Panotour and finished in Pro. I can create the tour all the way through and when I then hit the "Build" Button it says the following:

"Current project cannot be built
The projct contains at least one pot that is not associated to a spot style"

I have removed all the hotspos and recreated them within panotour pro - still the same problem.
Help please - this was quite a big project and I dont want to do it all again :(

Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: Error:"Project can not be built"

by bdd » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:41 pm

If you removed all hotspots from the scene, then it may be a map hotspot that is still there.
Do you have some geolocalized scenes ?
With the option "Automatically generate a hotspot" ?
In the "Style" tab, do you have any spot style in the "Spot Styles" column ?

If you do not find which spot has no style, you can send us the kpt file of your project (or edit it by your self if you are confident with XML edition). And we will find which spot leads to this issue.


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