Bing Maps API v7 issues with old tours  

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Bing Maps API v7 issues with old tours

by benji33 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:51 pm

The Bing Maps API v7 used in Panotour Pro up to version 2.5.7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and it seems that the old projects' maps can be corrupted.

Here are the words of Microsoft on this support:
After June 30, support for the V7 control will end and service availability will no longer be guaranteed.

Here you will find a workflow to update the map component on old tours (done before version 2.5.8 of Panotour Pro).

  1. Make a backup of the tour.
  2. Into the YOURTOURdata/graphics/KolorBootstrap.js file, replace the Bing Maps API url in the KolorMapApiProviders.Url list with this one : "//"
  3. Download the archive attached to this post and unpack it on your computer:
  4. Replace this file KolorMap.min.js into the YOURTOURdata/graphics/KolorMap/js directory by the one present in the archive.
  5. Now replace these files: mxn.js, mxn.core.js, mxn.microsoftv7.core.js in the YOURTOURdata/graphics/KolorMap/lib directory by the ones presents in the archive.
  6. Proceed to a test of the tour with the new Bing Maps API v8.
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