Fullscreen from iframe on tablet and mobile  

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Fullscreen from iframe on tablet and mobile

by Omni VR » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:12 pm

I have a tour in an iframe and have made a button with the function fullscreen and multiple actions added to it. So when you click this button, the tour will go fullscreen and also than the sidebar and description appear.

On desktop this works great, but on mobile (iphone) and ipad nothing happens, also the extra options (see sidebar and description) don't happen.

I have seen multiple topics about this on the forum, but I see it's difficult to get a solution, but maybe we can make it happen by sticking our heads together and combining solutions.

On the forum I found the following discussion:

benji33 said to remove the fullscreensupport string from the skin.xml. I tried this and with this all the other extra options (like showing the sidebar and description) did work (which didn't before) but it still was within the iframe, it didn't go fullscreen.

Now I looked a bit further on the internet and found what may be a workaround: see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/304 ... on-for-ios

I am not very technical but what I think I am reading here is a workaround to open a new tab with the iframes source url. I only have no idea where to put this js code, does anyone have an idea about this?

Now I can of cours always in the tour create the action 'open this link in a new tab' but the problem is than you come back at the beginning of the tour, while I want to stay in the pano I was looking at, but than fullscreen (and I don't want to put a panorama specific button with deeplink on each pano) and also, than I would need to make 2 tours, because I want the tour in the iframe to be without sidebar and description and the fullscreen tour with this. For small tours this would be an option, but for very large tours, which need frequent updating, we would just like to work with 1 tour.

Does anyone see a possibility to make the tour open fullscreen from an iframe (in a new tab is ok) on mobile and tablet?
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