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Deleting files?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:12 am
by Stephan_Maniax
Hey there,

I've a little problem.
Yesterday i have uploaded a tour with 16 panoramas to our server via FileZilla.
I have tested it and everything was fine. 2 hours later my boss checked the tour and he got a few failure messages that pictures in the tour are missing.
So today I tested again and uploaded the panos where those failures appeared.

I had a few other tours where the same issue appeared. Mostly there is missing only one picture in one pano.

I dont know what is going on, does panotour accidentially deletes files in a tour?

Re: Deleting files?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:18 am
by Annis
Panotour doesn't delete files, especially not after they've been uploaded on your server, how would it access these files?

Could it be a server connection issue?
What is the URL to the tour?

Re: Deleting files?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:39 am
by Stephan_Maniax
The URL:

Now there are no pics missing. But I am sure they will in a few hours or days.

I dont know why, but it only happens on tours.
In all other directories the files are still there.

Re: Deleting files?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:59 am
by 360-compunics-com-ni
Maybe the file permission on the server are not set correctly for some files, because the webserver isn't able to access some of the generated pano tiles.

funkenburgfest___fun_12/3/0/1_0.jpg gives an error
funkenburgfest___fun_12/3/0/1_1.jpg ok

For the images that don't show up, i get a "301 Moved Permanently" error and a redirect to a start-page, this is either setup as an individual rewrite or part of your website framework. So make sure that all files are readable by the webserver.

Re: Deleting files?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:50 am
by Stephan_Maniax
When i upload those files everything is ok.
All files are in their directories.

But after some time the files are gone. If i check the files on the server they are missing and i dont know why.

only 2 people have access to the server and both dont delte them.

There must be a colfict between the tour and the server.

it confuses me that it works in the beginning and after some time it throws exceptions.

Re: Deleting files?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:45 am
by marzipano
I've noticed some errors like this appearing just after I update a tour on my hosting account server. These seem to last for a few hours up to a day then disappear and are often to do with missing "cube" files

I am fairly certain that is to do with the way the Hosting company deals with updates. Mine is based in the USA and I was wondering whether they have data centres in other parts of the world and the data has to be replicated and can get out of sync